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Friday, August 25th, 2006


Sejumlah pernyataan di bawah ini saya kutip dari sebuah posting di Internet. Terkesan simpel, tapi bagi saya –yang kebetulan dulu sering meliput politik Timur Tengah– memang ada kebenarannya. Hegemoni wacana pemikiran, yang merugikan posisi Palestina dan Arab, memang banyak menghinggapi insan media. Kita juga bisa membandingkan dengan pemberitaan media atas agresi Israel ke Lebanon, Juli-Agustus 2006.

Tetapi penilaian tentu terserah Anda masing-masing. Ini adalah sejumlah “rules” yang sering dipraktikkan media, dalam meliput konflik di Timur Tengah:

Rule No. 1: In the Middle East, it’s always the Arabs that attack first and Israel that defends itself. That’s called retaliation.

Rule No. 2: Arabs, whether Palestinian or Lebanese, have absolutely no right to kill Israeli civilians. That’s called terrorism.

Rule No. 3: Israel has every right to kill as many Arab civilians as it wants. That’s called legitimate self-defense.

Rule No. 4: When Israel kills too many civilians, the Western powers urge for restraint. That’s called the reaction of the international community.

Rule No. 5: Palestinians and Lebanese have no right to capture Israeli soldiers, even if their numbers are limited to three.

Rule No. 6: Israelis have the right to capture as many Palestinians as they wish — over 10,000 prisoners as of today, of which 300 are children. Uttering the magic word, “terrorist,” is all that’s
needed to throw Arabs behind bars without charges.

Rule No. 7: When you say “Hizballah,” you should always add “supported by Syria and Iran.”

Rule No. 8: When you say “Israel,” you should never add “supported by the United States and Europe” lest the conflict appear imbalanced.

Rule No. 9: Never mention “occupied territories,” or “UN resolutions,” or “violations of international law,” or “the Geneva conventions.” That might perturb television viewers and lead them to ask questions.

Rule No. 10: Israelis speak English better than Arabs. That is why we always give them — and their supporters — more air time. That way, they can explain Rules 1 through 9 to us. That’s called media objectivity.

Rule No. 11: If you don’t agree with any of these rules, or if you think they favor one party over another, that’s because you’re a dangerous anti-Semite.

Quicklinks - Israel vs Hizbollah crisis

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Israel was just defending itself from Hizbollah ? Wrong, the kidnapping of 2 Israel soldiers (previously thought as the cause of the war) were caused by Israel’s (almost daily) violation of the border :

The current war is premeditated and already very prepared. Hizbollah’s kidnap of 2 IDF soldiers provided Israel with the excuse to finally launched it :,,1839282,00.html

To Israel with love - why the Americans are so overwhelmingly pro Israel ?

Israel ranked better economically than even Brunei, but it’s also the top receiver of aid from US gov’t :,,1834555,00.html

Save the Indonesian Catholics

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

I read a news titled “Indonesian Catholics to face firing squad on Saturday” on Catholic News this morning. Seems like many Catholic groups are asking Indonesian Gov’t to spare the life of the accused.

Actually some non-Catholic groups are asking the same thing too. Although for different reason - several Muslim organization suspected that these 3 men are just puppets. The masters are still safe behind the curtain.
If these men got executed, then the secrets will die with them. And justice will not be delivered.

By saving the life of these 3 men, then hopefully we’d be able to investigate further and find the real masters behind the massacre. The ones who really responsible for it.

The chance is really slim though.

Indonesian Bloggers Condemns Israel

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

I just posted a simple script on the sidebar of this blog to support Indonesian Blogger’s movement to condemn Israel. Instructions to join are available here.

In short, Israel is the root of the problems in Middle East.
First, it took over other people’s land, so it can create the country of Israel. Second, it has now employed policies so racist, it has became the Nazi of middle east. And so on.

There are propaganda campaigns going on all over the Internet that says the points above are wrong. But when you check with unbiased sources, you will find out that they are correct.

We have been invaded as well (Dutch & Japan), so we know that the ordeal of the Palestinians and others around Israel are worse. Back at that time, our freedom fighters too were branded as terrorists. Guess who ended up unmasked as the real terrorist ?

My heart goes to the victims of Israel’s atrocities.

To other Indonesian bloggers - you can do something. You are not helpless.